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DrydenRP - Role Playing Game  - Markets:  Free Online

"Flash Master" -Short Story Collection - Joel Stottlemire  -Free!!! Markets:  IBook, Nook.

"Dark Side of Iapetus" -Graphic Story - Danielle Evert, Laura Konrad -  Markets:  Free Online.

"Turning Point, Part 1 of Alec's Tale" - Single Story - John M. Berg - Spring 2014 -Free!!!  Markets: IBook, Kindle, Nook.

"Spiral, Part 2 of Alec's Tale" - Single Story- John M. Berg - Spring 2014 - Markets: IBook, Nook

DrydenRP Spanish - Role Playing Game - Summer 2014 - Markets: Free Online.

"Turning Point" Graphic Novel -Joel Bewley, John M. Berg - Summer 2014 - Markets: TBA.

"Sky Goddesses Project" -Graphic Story Collection - Laura Konrad, Danielle Evert - Summer 2014 - Markets: TBA.

"Distant Stars" - Short Story Collection - Daniel Hunt - Summer 2014 - Markets: TBA.

"Click Your Poison Project" - TBA.


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Human by Gina McKee

Journey of an Astronaut by Laura Konrad

The Patient By Steve Bates

Reflect by Sam Dark

A Day's Work by Saschk Drakos





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