Hey all,


Sorry for all the missing content.  This website is closed for repairs and will probably re-appear as a Wordpress page.


We are still in business but we lost the person who was the reason for a lot of what we were doing.  We can't and don't want to go on like we were without him.


If we owe you money, please email us at [email protected].  We are honoring all our debts.


We are still in development on the following projects:


"Turning Point: The Graphic Novel"


"Flash Master"


"Sky Goddesses of Dryden Vols I - IV"


We are no longer supporting the following projects.  Any rights we owned related to them, we return to you.  Write us if you want written confirmation of return of rights.


Released Projects:




"Turning Point"






If you are involved in a project not on this list, you can have rights back if you would like or we will contact you when we are able to move forward again.

Dan, you are welcome to have your stories back.  We never published them anywhere but here.  Let me know.


Again, sorry for the inconviencence.  Look for our current offerings on Amazon.  We are running at a very low capacity right now.


Thanks to all of you who believed in us.